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Genre: EDM

Additional Styles: Sound Archives, FX, and EDM

Love this concept of how they package a full set to create a fully featured build. This is nothing thats been out so far- all the parts of the build are supplied as separate tracks. The full mix is offered as well as the broken down elements. The only negative is there are only 10 kits. Its so good, I wished there were more...but Im sure there will be a 'part 2' at some point.

Killer FX Drops by Soundbox rules! Todays music bleeds FX's and drops. You got to have them. It makes the soundtrack better. Bombs, slides, drops and builds. The power is yours. Download this pack now!

Keith Shocklee

useful and great sounding stuff! some of the samples went directly into my productions. good variety and there is a lot of stuff which can easily combined in a lll possible ways or just support any existing builds and drops. nice one!


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