If you are into Science Fiction or any some sort of hydraulic type of sound,this is a MUST buy ! The variety and recordings are spectacular .If you want your productions to be sprinkled in star dust and undefinable doom,this is for you as well!Amazing variety,amazingly clever,and all round seriously sick! I for one felt inspired to go make a life size Autobot !

Useful addition to the sound design arsenal. Would suit mostly the Sci-Fi/Technology Soundtrack, Bass, Techno, Electronica and Experimental genres. But as with any sample pack, with a bit of imagination, some of these sounds could find their way into all kinds of productions.
Personally, I love these futuristic, twisted metal melodies!

Every bit as essential as Robostep V1: Amazing selection of Mechanical twitchery and cinematic gorgeousness. As with volume one root notes are listed in the file names making this collection all the more ready to embellish works in progress or be at the core of tracks from the ground up. 13 subfolders of hydraulic / pneumatic top quality SFX: quick hits, transformations, emotive combos etc. I can't get enough of this robo-tech science. So universally applicable and rewarding to use that I can only hope a third volume is in the works.

This pack has everything from weapon sounds to robotic bleepy noises, hydraulic sounds, impacts, glitches and more. I really really like these sounds and I'm excited to use them in my projects. Very impressed with this pack and it delivered on what it promised to be.


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