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Genre: Garage

Additional Styles: Garage

Really nice swung out set of loops. The loops come in REX format which is great as you can get an idea of how to construct garage percussion if you are new to the genre & allow you to put your own stamp on things. There is also a good selection of bass & tonal hits. Its a great set of bread & butter samples to use as the foundations of a garage track

Some nice slick loops on here, There is a nice vareity between Uk Garage and Techno. The Groves also have nice e swings

I was also diggin the selection of pads, and vocal stabs. There is a good selection of bass & tonal hits. Its a great start of kit for making a Uk garage tune!

Lovely!! Does exactly what it says on the tin. The percussion loops are perfect. Great shuffle and swing to them, just the right sounds. Everything has a nice organic depth to the it in this pack which is essential for this genre. I would highly recommend this for future garage peeps or even the more uk style of deep house at the moment.

Wow what a great pack, Drum layers give you lots of options to be creative, Tonal Sounds are absolutely great and high quality. My favourite part is the single hits folder and Abstract sounds... This is perfect for Deep House and Garage heads..


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