The Abstract transports you into a mechanical world of loops and sounds, which can be combined and flipped a multitude of times. Textures, tonal loops, ensemble drums and top loops make up the mass of the pack. This reminded me of Ed Rush and Optical's creep album, plenty to get your head around and vibe off.

Push Button bang are back up with a very strange collection of Audio for sure. This pack includes a wide array of organic textures snd sounds for modern production. How you can use this sample pack might vary from person to person. This collection features a lot of content like Bass shots, Atmos mixed up with stabs and Fx. Abstrakt Tech should find a home with more experimental products, chill out and it can be a handy tool for exploring sound design. This pack can also be really nice for layering when creating soundscapes. If your looking for the Abstract, i don't think you need to look any further.

Such a beautiful pack. Ensemble Drum Loops are perfectly produced, nice drum sounds and great patterns. Digging through the Ambient Texture folder this collection throws up some very interesting and unique sounds which can be torn apart to create something very useful. Rhythmic top loops are also very interesting. Worth checking out.

Push Button Bang deliver a concise collection of well crafted rhythmic textures, tonal loops, top loops and percussion loops. All the loops included are heavily effected, layered and filtered with a wide stereo field - some perhaps too much if you are looking to just add some background texture as the loops stand out almost three dimensional. I found for most cases I just had to add a mono plugin or reduce the stereo width by about 50% to have these sit in the mix. All round good well produced useful loops can be found here to fit most styles of music.


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