Once again, a great job from Booty Farm. Pt 2 is just as good as Pt 1 and its great to get even more of a diversity of vocalists this time around. The way all the vocals are split up into lead, backgrounds, harms, ad libs, stabs, etc. gives the producer even more flexibility. If you need great ragga vocals- no better than the Ragga Twins & co.

Picking up where the first pack left off, this is a very welcome follow up from Nick Deekline and the Booty Farm crew. Decent vocals are at a premium,and they've hit the nail on the head once again. A wide range of tempos are offered, so producers of all urban genres should find plenty of ragga-tastic material in here. There's loads of inspiring vocal biznizz in here and thoughtfully, most of the mini acapellas come with dry, fx and backing/adlib versions.

Ragga vocals by Booty Farm is a delightful package of absolute Ragga Delights . This is one perfect sample package which is universal to many styles of music today. I highly recomend this for DJs and alternative electronica artists from Dubstep to Drum and bass.

The Ragga Twins are the original UK kings of cross-over Ragga-Acid-Techno-Rave from back in the day. These guys still sound as good today as they did in '92.
This is the second volume containing a selection of acapellas in various tempos and styles, and as with the first volume the vocals and recording is high-quality.
There is more than enough here to suit a cross section of genres - as with there own releases over the years, fusion is the game here. So many creative options are possible using this pack.
I recommend getting the first volume and if you need more, then get this too.

great quality samples ! recorded in a very producer friendly way , splitting up the lead vocals , effected vocals and the backing and emphasis so loads of different ways & options to use them in your tracks !

Picking right up where Vol1 left off, this Ragga Vocals pack is the real thing. Everything in here sounds like it's been marinading in rum for a couple of years, served up and ready to use. Brillaintly recorded with so many options to make it as versatile as possible.


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