Really nice authentic 80's production... from the drums to the synths. You wont find anything modern here- just true retro 80's nostalgia. The basses are tight, using true analog synths to get this kind of sound... as well as the melodic loops. Some time and care went into making these sounds fat - yet clean. Having the drum loops split into full loops, kick & snare and perc / top loops makes it a lot easier to create the breaks you want.

I really like this pack - it provides inspiration, good quailty sounds and loops, the right amount of lo-fi and a dose of nostalgia. I kind of has a John Carpenter soundtrack feel to it all, which is a good thing :)

This is a great pack with lots of appropriate mood and vibes. I lock the fact that they haves created drum loops which feature many of the original drum machines of the time. Not only Roland 808 and 909 but Alesis HR16 and Yamaha drum machines which characterised the sound of the time. There's lots of appropriate analogue style bass and synth patches which are great and can be used in their entirety or chopped up for more versatility. I particularly like the melodic loops as they are categorised as groups making it easy to get a vibe going by throwing a few loops together before you take it on your own tip. Nice and moody and easy to add some modern flavour too. Good job.


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