Beautifully recorded and extremely usable . I can see myself encorporating a few of these into my tracks straight away ! Now everybody can sound like the bastard son of Hanz zimmer and Hybrid :)

Beautifully crafted orchestral loops here perfect for the more organic sounding producers. The construction kits are a very useful tool as well as providing some midi patterns to mess around with and use our own instruments on creating some epic sounding pads.

Just like the Disco Strings pack this is superb. A great range of stuff and extremely useful to have the midi files. The quality of the samples is fantastic. A really really great packs.

Once again an invaluable string pack that will save you a few bob on an orchestra. Used well they will fit into all manner of dance productions (if that's your bag) and give your sound an authentic edge.

Fantastic collection of infinitely useable strings. Well recorded and simply laid out in terms of key and tempo. There's scope for chopping the audio into smaller chunks to create even more possibilities. Highly recommended.

cool string bits! i can well use them for my pop and even house productions. good to have the score sheetsa as well if there is need to replay any of the licks. i also appreciate the midi files, perfect for getting the sampled riffs into my tracks with my own sounds. more of this please!

Yes! I have regular need to use amazing strings... here it is.

As i progress through different levels of writing and production, i have the need more and more to concentrate on the 'atmospherics'. The real guts of a track. No matter how 'tough' or 'hard' your sound is, strings and pads set the mood. This pack was an unexpected treat which gave me far more than i was looking for in it.

This has been a highly useful tool for this. Also love that there are some excellent midi files which, for the geeks amongst us, are perfect to learn just how to get strings arranged to sound beautiful...

like it - A LOT.

This is simply stunning! After using Real Strings Vol 1 extensively for my film and library work i was rather excited to get my hands on Vol 2 and it didn't disappoint. Beautifully recorded, there's everything you'd need to a bit of realness to your productions. Whether it be downtempo or more upbeat. The chords are lush, the melodies and simple but emotive. I no criticisms and i can't recommend this pack highly enough.

Real strings - cinematic loop: an incredbly well recorded, and very useable collection of well-written melodies and harmonies. They sound like they were written by someone who's been arranging for strings for decades. Pop one of these in your tracks and it'll sound like you hired a pro arranger, a pro studio and a few pro players! More of this please!

A very nice collection of string recordings. Excellent for use in modern genre productions. The ability to rex the chord progs and reverse them or use Kontakt scripts means you can come up with some incredibly modern sounding acoustic loops. Nicely laid out and easy to understand. EQ and effects have been cleverly omitted so you can do as you please.

Some beautifully recorded strings. Lovely sounds and very well recorded. Lovely melodies that will add depth to track.

Some great loops here with strong credible pieces of music. All the different formats are great and really helps you to integrate them into your own work. Thumbs up from me!

Organic Loops delivers again! This is a very nice and interesting assortment of cinematic strings loops that can be used to get very interesting results... all coupled with Midi files and scores that always come useful.

awesome set of string loops here ,
adds instant emotion to any thing you use them in ,
really well laid out too so you can easily find what you need
handy to have all the parts in midi so you can add in your own instruments easily
and mess with the sequences

great sample pack very useful--I used it within 3 hours of downloading. Real strings,assorted textures,easy to cut up and manipulate,nice arrangements-augments your own ideas and when added to plug in strings it gives them an edge of realism.Cool.

This is a great pack if you are interested in string arrangements. The recorded string parts are excellent in terms of recording but also in terms of arrangement. Although I would not use those strings samples as is, the one feature that makes this pack stand out is the availability of the Midi files for each of the recorded parts. It's a great way to look at the arrangements and how those classic strings sections are written. It makes this package a fantastic learning tool.

Once again, top notch work from Organic Loops with the series of real string loops. This set could be for film scoring, some disco, some pop....its a mix that evokes different feelings. The quality is amazing and obviously you cant beat REAL strings. Some might find it a bit tough with this set to find the right placement and these loops wont work for everyone's musical taste but those that know how to use them will find them extremely helpful. BPM's range from 110 to 134 but since they are Apple Loops - can change tempo and key easily. I fond it easier to start with a loop or loops you like and build up on the string loop.


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