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Genre: Pop

Additional Styles: Keyboards, Indie Pop, and Pop


One Shots

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BPM: 90 - 128

A fantastic collection of melodic ideas and inspiration more than anything else. There are basically loads of piano and electric bass loops and midi files. Idea is that you audition at your preferred tempo and key, then try the associated Electric Bass loops and way you go. Dragging in midi files allows you to pitch, move notes and even just take the ideas for your own melodies and chord progressions. If you aren't a great piano or keys player or you struggle with top lines and melodic elements then this pack is fantastic - highly useful in fact. The pack comes with 90, 110 & 128 BPM loops which gives you total flexibility whether you double time or half time across those tempos. It also covers keys A minor, C major, C minor and F major so you have everything covered irrespective of how you want to transpose. A great pack, with lots of inspiration which I am using in a composition job right away - keep em coming guys!


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