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Genre: Techno

Additional Styles: Techno, Artist Series, and Tech House


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 120 - 130

I have always enjoyed Steve Lawler's style, so when I saw this sample pack I was quite excited! I am happy to say that after browsing through some of the samples it sounds like it definitely is a great pack with that classic Lawler sound! Can't wait to try these out.

Great for adding some deeper touch to your productions, i could use a couple of sounds immediately for my ongoing tracks. good percussion loop in there in the bass section there's nice and useful stuff as well and also the synth loops work!

Steve Lawler has put out one of the best sample packs imaginable.
I don't think it will be possible to find a better bunch of drums and percussion for the darker house and techno producers. A Must have!

As expected, a solid selection of dark, twisted and atmospheric loops, hits and patches from Steve. Again this will come in very useful for my studio engineering sessions when im limited on time with a client and we need to find some solid grooves and atmospherics.

Fantastic selection of beat loops on offer here. Really nicely organised into catagories in a way that hasn't been done before, very useful stuff ! Will be using some of these myself I reckon :)

Loving Steve's sample pack, it has loads of stuff I will definitely be using for my music. As an engineer as well as a producer a lot of producers ask for drums like these and they will make my life easier. Good Quality and different to all the rest.

Steve does a great job here, an absolutely massive sample pack for any genre of dance music. An excellent selection of a wide range of samples that can give your music a different, deeper sense. Highly recommend this one.

Yo! Respect to my man Steve Lawler! This loop package was a blessing to me and I'll tell you why. I got the call to do a Human League remix on a new single that they have coming out and I was a little stuck on ideas. I mean this is Human League man making a come back so I gotta slam this one! Any way I download Steve Lawler and yo I was hype mmediately with the loops and sounds. I found a hot loop that got me motivated and the ideas started flowing! Peeps you need to grab this one!

This is one of Loopmasters best releases to date! So much variety! We tend to use lots of single hits to build our drums, but couldn't resist getting stuck into the tops and loops as they're so clean and well EQ'd. This is everything we look for in a sample pack. The more musical elements and fx are a little on the deep side for us, but this sample pack is all about the drums, great work Steve!!

One of the World's finest dj's and producers compiles a world-class sample pack.
There is everything you need here to get moving quickly in the studio - all manner of single drum hits and some great loops.
The percussion loops alone make this a worthwhile purchase. Recommended. I'll be using this a LOT.

This pack is simply stunning! Steve has pushed the boundaries with what's on offer here. Everything is organised into categories. The synths are multi-sampled, the loops are broken down into the full loop plus tops and tweaks, the basses are deep and growling, the vocals are twisted and menacing. There's literally everything you need to create the darkest, techiest beats possible. Steve Lawler i commend you!

Lots of nice touches here with Steve's unmistakeable sound. Especially feeling the top loops and percussion of which there are loads of! Already used elements of this on 2/3 tracks recently so thank you!

Solid stuff here, a really good quality toolkit. I particularly like the individual drum sounds, the claps and hats in particular - nice stereo images on a lot of the sounds. The tribal, percussive rhythms are also very cool for slicing & dicing!

An essential collection of techy hits which should be a part of any producer's arsenal of sounds. I've already used some of these samples on my new material and keep going back for more. The loops are an added bonus for those who want their beats ready made.

A stunning collection of fresh sounds and loops that really capture Steve's trademark sound. Well put together and really comprehensive in format. Loving the loops and percussion sections. A must have in any producers arsenal.

yeah this is a really usefull pack for many differrent genres of current dance music,although the bassline section could be a bit more varied ,but if your looking for that fat classic club sound this is for sure one of the best packs out there.dino psaras

With Steve Lawler, it's gotta be all about the drums, and really that's the best feature of this pack for me. Nice selection of moody drums and driving percussion. Very useful tool.


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